Echo has put a lot of hard work into developing and manufacturing a range of less noisier gas blowers. I was impressed with the sound levels made by the 260 models using a 25.4 cc engine. However, I am amazed that they have managed to do it also with this much more powerful version of their backpack blowers. Indeed the PB 460 Echo backpack blower only produces 65db of noise using a 44 cc engine and for this reason it must be the quietest on the block. This is exactly the same level as the less powerful 260 version. The PB 460 uses particular noise attenuation mechanisms to lower the noise down to this extraordinary level. Even at full throttle it still produces only the same level of sound. It makes this model very suitable for areas where keeping the noise down is very important. But, you should still check your local regulations to make sure that this machine conforms to the law.

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